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“Johnston has a poet’s eye for the majestic and forbidding nature of the Rockies, and a…knack for creating characters that the reader will come to care about, no matter how flawed they are. Combining domestic drama with wilderness adventure, Johnston has created a hybrid novel that is as emotionally satisfying as it is viscerally exciting.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A compelling thriller that is both creepy and literary…Descent is not just a mystery. It is an emotional story of evil, fear, acceptance and irony.” — The Denver Post

“Outstanding…The days when you had to choose between a great story and a great piece of writing? Gone.” — Esquire Magazine

“What makes the novel unforgettable is its sense of character, its deliberate, unadorned prose and Johnston’s unflinching exploration of human endurance, physical and psychological.” — Miami Herald

Descent, the story of a family undone by the disappearance of a daughter who went out for a morning run and didn’t come back, is stunning in its emotional impac—a compulsively readable page-turner with a strong literary sensibility.

The girl’s vanishing—on a sunny, late-summer vacation morning—all the more devastating for its mystery, is the beginning of the family’s harrowing journey down increasingly divergent and solitary paths, until all that continues to bind them to each other are the questions they can never bring themselves to ask: At what point does a family stop searching? At what point does a girl stop fighting for her life?

Johnston captures every emotion, every terrifying thought, every moment of loneliness, from the perspectives of everyone in the family—as each in his or her own way assumes responsibility for their collective loss. And in the father we see the last flicker of hope as he pursues every angle and refuses to give up in his belief that his daughter is still alive. Ultimately he finds an answer, in a climax that is stunning in both its execution and its resolution.

This combination of a great story and beautiful writing brings to mind the works of Tim Gautreaux, Dennis Lehane, and Russell Banks.

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  • Publisher:Algonquin Books
  • Published:December 1, 2015